01 Discover
Can these ”talents” demonstrate their value in the Japanese market?
Alternatively, what does it take for Japanese ”talent”
to circulate in the Asian market?
We utilize an abundance of networks developed in Asia
with a focus on Japan and China to discover ”talent” with vast business potential.
02 Optimization
Even if a ”talent” is exemplary,
their true potential cannot be fully demonstrated
without optimizing them for the target market.
iMOKO JAPAN makes the most of its wide knowledge and expertise,
optimizing "talents" according to the target market, and maximizing its value.
03 Development
Optimized ”talents” are introduced to a market
using the most effective methods.
We offer the value of optimized talents to our customers by
making use of various channels like the internet, showcases, and more.
04 Analysis
We aid our customers in market cultivation and the development of new products
by analyzing and applying data gathered through the progression of our services.